Boat Trip

Boat tripA large part of planning a successful boat trip involves choosing the right vessel for your trip. In order to decide this, you will want to think about what it is you decide to do on your trip. You can either rent a boat for private use or you can board one as a passenger. Countless options are open to you.

Possible Boat Trip Activities
You can plan numerous activities to participate in during your boat trip. For instance, you may want to go ice fishing, or you might want to take a long canoe trip. Perhaps you want to enjoy some speedboat racing, or just have a romantic dinner for two on the water. You may even want to take a longer cruise. Other people who plan outings on the water may want to go snorkeling or they may enjoy swimming with dolphins. These same people may also enjoy whale watching, or they may want to participate in whitewater rafting.

Types Of Boats Used For Different Trips
One type of boat that may be used for fishing boat tours would be a classic tour boat. Some of these are smaller and are built like a canoe with a motor. These are usually called speedboats, and are more designed for sports fishing. However, other tour boats are equipped with a variety of amenities, such as microwave, stove, cabinets, beds, and so forth. These could be used for a more leisure-style fishing tour. These are usually known as yachts, gulets, or similar model. Other types of boats that are used on boat tours include the pontoon or the steamboat. Many trips are taken on major rivers like the Mississippi or the Rio Grande.

People who plan on taking a trip snorkeling or to swim with exotic animals will either board a passenger cruise ship or they will rent (or buy) a sale boat or one of the above-mentioned tour boats. Quite a bit of diving and swimming with animals occurs on Islands such as Hawaii or Alaska. You may also find opportunities to take boat or ship tours in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or other gulf and sea areas. Many of the boats that are mentioned in the previous paragraphs can be taken on these trips.

Boats For Sale
If you want to own a tour boat, you can find them for sale all over the place. You have a choice between endless different models. Listings of tour boats for sale are usually displayed on individual boating websites as well as on classified ad websites.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ShipsWith the holidays coming, one of the ways to do some bonding time with the family is to go on a cruise and travel to different parts of the globe. This is actually one of the easiest ways to travel because, the boat will be the one who will take you to your destination, port by port.

Often, cruise ships have tour packages that can already make you an itinerary. Every stop will already be filled with enough sightseeing to last you a lifetime. You don’t really have to plan your hotel accommodations and your land transportation. Everything is already taken cared of, all you have to do is to just pay the tour package price and sail away.

Below are some of the things that you should think about when you go on a tour.

Seas sickness

Before buying that ticket to a cruise ship make sure that you or any of the members of your family are not seasick. Otherwise, a heavenly trip can turn quickly to the nightmare when the retching comes into play.

Often, those who do not travel well in the bus on long trips will also find it hard to cruise on a ship. There are medicines that can ease the dizziness and the retching but of course, it can still ruin the whole atmosphere.

If you do not know whether you will experience seasickness or not, better ask the cruise ship administration if they have special money-back arrangements for those who do have before you purchase the ticket.


Another consideration that you should think about is the weather condition when you go on a cruise. As much as possible avoid the months when there will be typhoons. This is especially true when you are traveling to the tropical Asian countries where the weather can be really unpredictable.

Another safety issue that you should consider is the cruise ship itself. Is the company reliable? Has the company been involved in any boating accidents in the previous years? Research first and then choose the best and the safest way to travel.


Depending on where you are going, it is a good thing to ask the cruise ship administration advice on what to pack when you go on the cruise. For instance, when going to a cruise in the Bahamas or any of the Carribean islands, you will for sure have to pack a bikini and other summer outfits. A tour of the Alaskan regions will necessitate some form of winter wear, sweaters, jackets, the works!

It also important that you pack the right kind of shoes. Often, a good old pair of walking shoes and rubber shoes will not fail you. Still, everything really depends on where you are going and when. if you are not familiar with the weather, ask around.


Although most of the sightseeing stuff will already be provided for you, it is still good to do some research and asking on the side of what little else you can do. There are some cruise ships that dock in one area for days and leave the passengers to organize their own tours.

If that is the case, better ask the cruise company or do some surfing on the net on the other activities and places that you can visit that are not part of your official itinerary.

Cruise travel

Cruise travelCruise is now one of the hottest vacations around. Why? Because cruising is one of the great vacation values available. You pay for your cabin and all the food you can eat for 3, 4 7, days or longer, of luxurious pampering before you leave on your cruise. That alone should put your mind at ease. Think about it. Not only don’t you have to worry about keeping enough money for lunch or dinner on your fourth or fifth day of the vacation, but you don’t have to worry about trying to find a place to dine.

There are several choices for dining when you are cruising. On most of the large ships, there is a multitude of restaurants to choose from. You can go casual, formal or just have pizza or hot dogs. And don’t forget that there is always room service – 24 hours a day. Picture having your breakfast brought to your room, sitting on your balcony, and dining alfresco while you arrive in a new port. This is quite an exciting way to start your day no matter where you are arriving.

Some people shy away from using this great vacation outlet because they are afraid they will get bored or feel confined while they are having a day at sea. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are activities all day, every day that cater to everyone’s interest. And the best part of that is if you want to play bridge and your spouse wants to do aerobics, your both free to do whatever you like and meet up later for a margarita or rum punch at the pool. Now all of the ships have children’s programs so that the kids can go off with other children in their age group, (with youth counselors), and you don’t have to worry about them or if they are having fun. These aspects afford everyone a good time without anyone feeling guilty.

Another bonus to cruising is that you get to visit multiple destinations. If you cruise the Caribbean you will go to several islands, depending on the length of the cruise. At night while you are sleeping peacefully in your bed, the captain and crew are taking you to a new exotic location for you to explore the next day.

If you cruise in Europe (after you have flown to the port of embarkation) you will find yourself in whole new countries from one day to the next. For example, if you cruise the Baltic, you will be visiting Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and either Croatia or Estonia.

If you choose to cruise Asia, some ports you will visit are Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.A lot of nice food and beautiful sights awaits you.

Cruising Art

Cruising ArtAdventure Cruise
An adventure cruise can be planned to nearly every destination in the world. Alaska destinations may be ideal for those who love to ice fish. Other premier adventure cruise destinations may include those that take a person to a tropical safari location in Africa or to some of the most rugged areas of Australia. Usually at these destinations hiking, swimming, windsurfing, rock climbing, sightseeing, or camping may take place. An adventure cruise can be planned in a variety of ways. For example, you may consider going through a local travel agent, or an online travel site. Either way, you will usually be shown descriptions of destinations to which you may travel on your cruise. Vacation packages are usually designed for people who do not want to take the time to plan a whole trip. Sometimes these include adventure cruise itineraries plus hotel or other accommodation stay.

How To Prepare For your Adventure Cruise
First you would need to decide what types of activities that you would like to participate in. This will help you plan your destination route. Then, you can find which cruise lines will service that particular area. If you are on a tight budget you may want to be a little flexible about planning your itinerary. For example, you may want to plan for more than one city if you want to take advantage of last minute cruise deals. However, sometimes if you purchase cruise tickets for a list-traveled destination or you travel during off-season you may have a chance to secure a discount that way. If you really want an adventure you can take a risk and sail during hurricane season.

Usually a route would be planned and then detour routes would also be planned, in the event there would be a storm emergency. After you have planned your route and the types of activities you want to partake in, then it is time for you to pack the appropriate items. You may need some items for your adventure trips such as a backpack full of supplies. In this bag you would include items such as first aid, gloves, rope, food, and whatever else you would need that you could carry in it. In addition to backpack supplies you may need for your adventure trip you will also need to bring along a tent, fishing pole, or other equipment. Then, you would need to bring along whatever cruise clothing attire may be appropriate for the ship that you would embark onto.

How To Make Cruise Reservations
One of the most convenient ways to reserve them is online. However, you need to beware of the terms and conditions of the travel site with whom you would book your trip before making a final decision. Also, make sure you make yourself aware of the possibility of any extra charges you may incur when you reach the ship terminal.