First time CRUISE vacation packing tips & hacks YOU MUST KNOW!
Cruise packing tips you may not have even thought about!
1.extra cash/$1 for tips and taxi rides
2.Door sign/decor
4.lysol disinfectant spray
5.Downy wrinkle release spray
6.Cruises provide shampoo & body wash
7.wet ones
8.bottle opener
9.highliter, pen and post it notes
10. towel clips
11.duct tape
12.waterproof case for money/cards
13. zip lock bags for jewelry, medicine, and liquids
14. roll you clothes
A few things I didn’t mention:
-Rabbit wine preserver
-beer salt
-poo pourri (if you don’t know what it is, check it out on youtube. It works!! LOL)
-small portable bluetooth speaker for music
-dryer sheets to place in your suitcase (keeps your clothes smelling fresh)
-Shower caps – you can place your shoes inside of them so they don’t touch your clothes
-Flat iron and curling wand heat cover

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