Hotels in The Petersburg City

Hotels in The Petersburg City

For Russian Federation, St. Petersburg is not of smaller importance than Moscow. It is considered to be the “Northern Capital” and the most European Russian city. It certainly is a historical, cultural and political heart of this wonderful country and this is why it has a lot of travelers.

Astoria Hotel in the Petersburg City:

Astoria is a marvelous Hotel in the Petersburg City. It is located in the historic centre of the city; this is why it offers a good panorama on Russian history. The Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments might be observed not far from it. Because the Centre is very close to Hotel Astoria, all types of amusement are accessible to its clients. Moreover, it has great facilities, competent in satisfying even the most serious wishes. We might definitely say that Astoria is a high level hotel, which has importance in Russia and other countries. It magnetizes a high number of travelers thanks to its aged architecture, sophisticated exterior and up-to-date amenities.

Grand Europe Hotel in the Petersburg City:

Another place in the list of the Hotel in the Petersburg City can surely boast about is Grand Europe Hotel. Just like Astoria Hotel, Grand Hotel Europe is both historic and innovative. Culture is also surrounding it as it is near the Mussorgsky Theatre and the Russian Museum.

Frankly speaking, all you might want to know about the entire country is right here. And if to mention history, this is the exact place where the great musician Tchaikovsky and his spouse spent their honeymoon. In the hotel, you are greeted with the warmest Russian hospitality. They have the nicest staff who is always ready to help you. It is so elegant and the service is so great, that it was given prestigious honors and was as well included in the “The Leading Hotels in the World” list. Besides, it has been named the best hotel in Eastern Europe. Obviously it is the best in St. Petersburg.

Angle Terre Hotel in the Petersburg City:

Another one of the Hotel in the Petersburg City is Angleterre Hotel. For people who prefer more peaceful environment, this is the perfect hotel. The tranquility which nature exudes offers an impression of uniqueness. Leisure travelers will spend here the time of their lives, because Angleterre Hotel has the vicinity of St. Petersburg’s leading amusement places. The imposing nature can be seen from the window. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, looking at nature from your window – and then you remember that you are in a big city. It’s amazing!

These are just some of the hotels Russia has for tourists. If you ever visit the city, you have this blog to guide you. I really wish this city were a horseback ride away from Texas.

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