Top 12 Cruise Shore Excursions
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Join us in the chat for a livestream where we share our top 12 favorite shore excursions of all time. We can’t wait to hear about your faves as well. In this CruiseTipsTV livestream we’re going to be talking about anything and everything related to cruise shore excursions. We’ll kickoff the shore excursions chat with a list of my top 12 cruise shore excursions of all time. Then we want to hear from you. What are your favorite shore excursions? What shore excursion tips and tricks do you have to share with our wonderful cruising community? Have you made any mistakes booking shore excursions? We’ve learned a few things we’ll be sharing with you. Do you prefer to book only cruise ship sponsored excursions, or do you like to take charge and book your own? Are there ways to save money when booking a shore excursion? When is the best time to book a cruise ship excursion? We’ll talk about all these things, so be sure to join us.

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